my mini me ana 2.pngmy mini me ana 2.png
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These are my wordles!
Here's a link to Wordle
Make your own!

Ana wordle on picture.jpg wordle 1.jpg tagzido ana tresidder.jpg

card internet 2.PNG
This is my safe card that i can put on the internet. It has none of my personal information that people can get access to.

qr code ana tresidder.png

These are my QR codes! I got my plain QR code from
I got my fancy QR code from [[ code]]

This is my animation that I did on This is my pivot animator that I made with Mia my friend.
I converted it to an FLV file so you could watch it on my blog.

What I made:

1. I made an ABCya animation

2. I worked with pivot animator

3. I converted my ABC.ya animation into an FLV. file

What I learned:

1.How to convert an animation

2.How to do a QR code and a fancy QR code

3.How to do safe business cards

How can I use this in class:

1.Doing inquiry's

2.Doing projects

3. Doing presentations