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These are my qr codes. To make one you can go to these websites:
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My 5 Email Rules
*Not to open all Emails you receive
*You can't delete an Email once you have sent it
*Get permission to use personal information
*No bullying
*Be careful on the internet

What did you make?
I made an short animation of Red Riding Hood in the woods with the Wolf
What did you learn?
I leant how to group objects, do backgrounds, draw characters, show previous frame and make it a bit longer by moving it slightly.
How could you use this in class?
I could use this in class if we have to do a project or inquiry, it could be very useful.

This is my pivot animation.

Tagxedo Charlie Borracci.jpg
This is my Tagxedo.One of my favourite colours is pink and I like squirrels.

Finished Worldle.jpg
This is my Wordle, that I enjoyed doing.

Charlie wordle on pic.jpg