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Here are some E mail safety rules I have learnt

  1. Delete emails that stangers have sent to you

  2. *Do not open an email until you have permission

  3. *You cannot delete an email after you have sent it

  4. *Do not open all the emails that you receive

  5. *Do not bully anyone online


If you like what I have made here you can
make one yourself by visiting this website.


This is my very first tagxedo that I have made
and it was actually quite fun.

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Claire McKenna Wordle.jpg

If you like what I have made here you can
make your own just by visiting this website


What did you make?

I made a small video of a tree growing and a man coming to

enjoy the shade of it

What did you learn?

I learnt how to insert backgrounds, draw characters, insert

music and set the timing

How could you use this in class?

I could use this in class if I was presenting an inquiry or working with a group and making a project