Untitled ava.png
My avatar

safe card.png
During ICT we learnt what to put on the Internet and what not to this is my buisness card I am allowed to put on the Internet because it has none of my personal infomation

tagzedo grace.jpg
If you would like to make a Tagzdo all you have to do is click on this picture

Grace wordle.jpg
To make your very own wondreful wordle all you have to do is click on this

Grace wordle on pic.jpg
My wordle put on a picture

qrcode.SECOND TRY.png
To learn how to scan a QR code read down below but if you want to make QR code press on it.
this is my fancy QR code

Go to the app store or play store

Search QR codes in the search

Look for one called I-nigma

Purpose it

Take a photo of any QR codes


Safe Emailing Rules

1. Never read an email that's not yours
2. Don't ever bully on an email
3. Ask a parent if you want to read your email
4. Don't go looking in others' email
5. Never give away your private information

1. What did you make?
I made an animation about a dog and a girl who fell over
2.What did you learn?
I leant how to move animations and add animations
3. How could you use this?
For a project or for some free time

Pivot Animation - 'Gymnastics Beam'.

This is a movie about a girl in a gymnastic comp she comes first on beam and receives a gold medal.

If you don't have Quicktime installed on your computer, watch the other movie.