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This is my wordle that I put a pic behind it (I think it looks really good)

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This is my LOVE tagxedo that i made if you click on my bulling tagxedo you can make your owen!!!!!

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My five rules for emails:

1) Always ask your mum dad or teacher if you can read their emails

2) Always check the email and see who it is from. If you don't know who it is from then don't open it without your mum and dad knowing.

3) Don't give out private information like your email.

4) Don't bully on an email.

5) Don't ever get in to some one's email because it means you are setting a bad example.

My Animation

This is my animation, I have learnt a lot of things making this, like,
how to make one, how to use all the different tools and how to do all the different backgrounds,
different people and different cars, toys.

What did I make? I made an animation.

What did I learn? I learnt a lot of things like how to make one, how to use all the different tools,

how to change the background and how to add people, cars, plants and much more.

How could I use this? I could use this for birthdays, mothers day, fathers day, Christmas day, Easter and much more.

My movie I made on pivot animator called THE SHAKERS, which was a lot of fun.