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This is my plain QR code

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This animation was made on abcya!animate. I made this animation about a sunny day that turns out to have lots of rain.
This video includes animals and a background. I did this with the website you will find below. I learnt a lot
while making this video including- how to make animations and how to create a good story line.
I also gained some more patience with my work. These skills will be handy when im doing a class project or
sending a message to someone. This is a good persuasive tool.

You can visit the site by clicking above.

This is a wordle all about me!

Click on this wordle to make your own! above

family taxedo.jpg
I made this taxedo because family is very important!

joy taxedo.jpg
I made these two as well using silhouettes from the internet

http://www.tagxedo.com/app.html Check out this website to make one of your own!

tuxedo - love by isabelle auld.jpg
I made this awesome taxedo of love!

this is my wordle of a book!
Click below to see how I put a wordle on a picture!

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This is called my safe bussiness card. It is safe because it dosnt contain any personal infomation about me, it only gives the infomation that would be safe to share with everyone on the internet.

Click below to see the reflection!

This is a reflection I did about the great learning I have been doing.

These are 5 rules you will need to know to be safe on the internet.
  1. Never give out personal details to ANYONE online
  2. Don't put pictures online that are inapropriate
  3. Don't open spam mail
  4. Don't talk to people you don't know
  5. If you find something inapropriate or dangerous make sure you show a parent, teacher or responsible adult

If you follow these rules you can be safe on the internet and have lots of fun as well!

This is a really cool animation I have done on pivot animate. I have also put it onto a movie maker. I named it 'Gold Medal'. I hope you enjoy!

isabelle auld baby footprint.jpg
This is a tagxedo i have made. I was inspired by my new baby cousin who has now been born. his name was edward and hes small features