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This is my avatar!

QR CODE.png fancy qr code jessica l.PNG
This is my normal QR code that I made here: This is my stylised QR code that I made here:
http://www.unitaglive.com/qrcode http://www.unitaglive.com/qrcode

Wordles and Tagxedos

wordle jessica lazzaro.jpg

This is my 'me' wordle that I made here:


JESSICA LAZZARO tagxedo1.jpgmums day tagxedo.jpg

This is my tagxedo that I made here: This is my Mother's Day tagxedo.


Capture card (safe).PNG
this is my safe business card. I also made a home business card but can't show it for safety reasons.

4 email safety rules:
Never give your email address to just anyone
Don't open anything you don't know about
Be careful of what you're sending because it might offend someone
Make sure you send it to the right person

This is my animation. I made it on: abcya! animate.
I learned how to do onion skin and to be more patient with my work.
You could use this in class for a fun activity or a presentation.

This is my superman movie. I made it on pivot animator,
Then exported it into a avi file and put it into a movie maker. I then put it here on my wiki!