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This is My Avatar


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This is my wordle on picture

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This is my wordle

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This Is my Tagxedo.

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This is a tagxedo I made for bring a friend day at horse riding!

To go to my horse riding centre, web click on the horse picture.

safe bussiness card.JPG
This is my online Business card. We lernt what is safe to put online and what is not safe to put on line.

This is my Animation I did on ABCya!Animate.

We had to answer some questions about how task. Here are the answers:

What did you make:

I made a story what is about a girl who buts her bike in her backyard. A butterfly comes and lays eggs on it. Soon the butterfly hatches and flies away. Storm comes and it rains. The girls bike gets rusty from the rain. Years later the girl wants to ride her bike again. She finds it rusty and goes away crying.

What did I learn:

I have never done animation before so I learnt heaps. I learnt what an onion skin was. I lerant that you move the object slow so it is longer. it was lots of fun.

How could I use it in class?

I could use animation for presentations. I could also use it for big inquiries.

This is my animation I did on Pivot Animator. It is about a girl who rides her horse and gets bucked off. Luckily she gets back on and rides away.